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Serving the Entire Wilmington Area Including Leland & Hampstead
Serving the Entire Wilmington Area Including Leland & Hampstead

Small and Swanky: High-End Finishes for Your Tiny Home

Small American House
If you live in a tiny home, you realize that details are everything; improve your home with higher-grade upgrades, so that you can live comfortably and functionally. Furthermore, high-end finishes increase your home's value while maintaining your tiny home's small carbon footprint. Treat your home with these features, which are well-suited to smaller dwellings. 

Custom Cabinetry

Since your home is small and cozy, put care and thought into kitchen updates that optimize space, like your cabinets. Invest in custom-built, high-quality wood cabinetry to provide ample storage and to bring a luxurious vibe to your entire home. Custom cabinets are ideal for a tiny home because they allow you to make the most use of the space available to you.

Want to really increase your investment? Granite counters are resilient, durable, and cool-to-the-touch for baking and food prep, and sought-after by home buyers widely.

Highlighted Hearths

If you heat with a stove or fireplace, make the heat-source a focal point of the whole home with a showstopping hearth. Talk to a stone contractor about custom mantles, ornate millwork, granite facades, and tile treatments that are high-end, eco-friendly, and congruent with the compact size of your living space.

Some contractors may be able to secure river rocks or field-stone to create distinctive hearths in your home that reflect your surroundings in an environmentally-sustainable way. Using locally-sourced rocks and stone allows you to enhance your home without compromising its sustainability.

Best Bathrooms

While tiny home showers are usually small and nondescript, make the most of your bathroom by doing something spectacular with the shower, such as stone tile with a rainwater fixture. Set your home apart with a custom-built vanity or mosaic tiled floor treatment, and splurge on high-end faucets, taps, and hardware for your home's bathroom.

Keep weight and balance in mind when using stone in a tiny home that could be moved in the future or that is not permanently positioned on a foundation.

Luxe Living Spaces

A thick butcher-block-topped island creates a high-end vibe in the home, while being useful and versatile. Alternatively, the smaller measurements of your home even make granite flooring a cost-effective option. Talk to your contractor about built-ins and furnishings that are custom-made to fit your home's configuration and square-footage.

Stone Surroundings

Enhance the outside of your tiny home with natural stone to create a permanent environment - even if your home is on wheels! Many tiny homeowners rely on their outdoor living spaces to make-up for limited interior spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and other activities. Some quick and clever ways to integrate high-end stone finishes around your dwelling include:
  • Stone-tiled patios and terraces
  • Granite firepits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Steps and stones that lead to the features of the property
  • Stone borders and retaining walls
  • Outdoor showers or pools
  • Outdoor kitchens or cook-space
Many real estate experts encourage sellers to invest in upgrades that involve natural stone, from countertops to flooring, to increase the overall value of their property. Natural stone is considered a highend upgrade that will subsequently increase both the curb-appeal and the return on your home investment.

Start small, such as with a granite counter in the bathroom, to see the benefits, value, and overall appeal of natural stone for yourself. Starting small allows you to finance the updates and ensure that your stone choices are right for you and your home.

When you are ready to enhance and upgrade your tiny home, reach out to local contractors for clever and cost-efficient approaches. Remember that investing in custom, high-end finishes for your tiny home, whether permanently or temporarily-situated, can increase the versatility and value of your property.