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Serving the Entire Wilmington Area Including Leland & Hampstead
Serving the Entire Wilmington Area Including Leland & Hampstead

How to Find Color Inspiration for Your Home's Exterior

House Front Yard With Beautiful Landscaping
You can give your home an instant makeover for only a little investment with a fresh exterior paint job. But with today's dizzying array of colors and combinations available, how can the average homeowner choose the right color palette for their house? Here are a few easy ways to get all the inspiration you need.

Consider the Architecture

Many types of historical architecture have their own traditional color palettes. Victorian style homes, for instance, were originally designed to host a colorful combination of three or more colors for all the nooks and crannies of this architecture. In contrast, Cape Cod style houses use a more neutral color pattern with a light, vintage main exterior and limited trim colors that create a striking visual difference.

While you aren't limited to traditional color groupings for modern homes, these styles usually work best with their respective combinations of basic colors. Using original styles as an inspiration respects the home's history and highlights the best features of its architecture.

Think About the Landscaping

Your yard landscaping - including any existing or planned hardscape features - are the partners of your home's exteriors. So you need to keep them in mind when designing siding and trim colors. Unless you're planning to change the patio, deck, sheds, and outdoor entertainment area, make sure these features all fit into your overall color scheme first.

Then consider the colors, such as cool or warm shades, of the majority of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Learn how to add complements and contrasts using the color wheel. If you have a lot of beautiful red roses in front of your siding, for instance, you may want to ensure they won't clash with or become camouflaged by red or brown hues of paint.

Yard style is important as well. If you have a subdued, modernistic yard, you may not want to pair that with a bright and frothy yellow or purple exterior paint. Are you decorating a mountain lodge? A rustic, natural wood and earthy greens or blues might complement a wooded lot and evergreen landscaping very nicely.

Take the Area into Consideration

You can also look beyond your own yard for color inspiration. First of all, are you subject to a homeowners' association? Then you may be limited in your choices of paint from the outset. Knowing this will help you work within these parameters to find something you'll love.

Even if you aren't part of an HOA, think about the personality and style of the neighborhood. Wild colors might not work well in a traditional neighborhood with tidy, similar houses that make yours appear odd.

On the other hand, an eclectic area with young, trendy homeowners and a thriving nightlife would be the perfect opportunity for you to experiment a little with your own house's style. You don't need to match all the other homes in the area, but blending in on a basic level will help your property retain resale value.

Look at Your Own History

Still looking for inspiration? Look back at your own personal or family history. Do you love to vacation in Europe and marvel at its regal, ancient buildings? Reflect that in a more formal, subdued paint combination.

Love going to Key West and staying in the colorful, classic cottages there? Then maybe you should consider a beachy, fun pink or yellow base for your own home as well. Love your favorite sports team? Add a small homage in your color palette. The ways to create a home you'll love are as endless as the individuals living in them.

Inspiration for your home's color palette is everywhere around you. From the house itself to the area you live in and your own family tastes, you're sure to find something that speaks to you. For help creating a color scheme based on your own interests, talk with our painting experts at Venters' Construction Inc. today.