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Serving the Entire Wilmington Area Including Leland & Hampstead
Serving the Entire Wilmington Area Including Leland & Hampstead

Adding a Home Office? Design Ideas fora Productive Workspace

Man In His Office At Home
Whether you are converting an existing room into a home office or adding new square footage for a workspace, you want your new office to be comfortable and productive. Here are design ideas to speak to your contractor about to make your home office renovation a success.

In-Wall Shelving

In-wall (also known as built-in or recessed) shelving allows you to stay organized in your home office without taking up excess space to make room for shelving units. In-wall shelves are built flush with the natural wall for a streamlined, useful appeal.

Your contractor can design shelving around your window and desk area to create easy-access shelves. Use your shelving units to house office equipment, photographs, books, or client files for an easily organized space.

Also speak to your contractor about in-wall retractable shelving or shelving you can roll out from its position in your wall. This type of shelving is ideal for your home office if you store inventory at home and need easy access to shelved items. Retractable shelves also make rotating and inventorying stock easier.

Bow or Bay Window

Studies have shown that working near a window helps improve workplace productivity. The natural light lifts moods while giving the body more energy, allowing you to feel more motivated in your home office.

A bow or bay window is a benefit for your home office because these types of windows add square footage and make a room more dimensional. Both window designs feature an interior ledge for seating, decoration, or storage. Both window designs have multiple window glass panels for ample lighting as well.

A bow or bay window can also double as a work desk or workspace. Ask your contractor to widen your window's ledge so you can use the area as either a seating space or additional desk for getting work done in a comfortable and motivational setting.

Ledge designs for bow and bay windows should complement your home office by having shelves built into them or having removable surfaces so items can be placed in storage within the ledge itself. Your contractor will show you the difference between a bay and bow window as well as different ledge options to maximize your home office's usefulness.


If your home office space is cramped, open up the area by adding a skylight. Not only does a skylight offer natural light for a welcoming workspace, but the unique ceiling window feature also adds dimension and a contemporary design to your otherwise small office area. Consider adding a skylight as part of your existing room-to-home-office renovation.

When adding a skylight to your home office, make sure your contractor includes built-in shades. This way, you can manage how much heat is brought into your home office via natural sunlight.


When painting your home office, choose a color that inspires creativity and production. A light orange or soft yellow hue will open your mind and bring a cheerful atmosphere to your workspace. Earth-based tones, such as tan, light green, and soft blues will help you feel calm and inspired.

You can paint your home office a single shade or choose an accent color wall to be a different hue. Common accent wall colors include neutral eggshell white, concrete gray, and basic tan.

Before renovating your home, decide how large your home office needs to be. An existing room can be partially demo-ed to expand its square footage to save you time and money on renovation costs.

Our contractors at Venters' Construction Inc will give you an estimate for your remodeling plans. We work within your budget and design needs to create a living space you can be proud of. Call us today for a consultation.